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Vetnex Hyaflex Mobility Powder for Dogs & Cats

Vetnex Hyaflex Mobility Powder for Dogs & Cats

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Vetnex Hyaflex Mobility Powder is a premium joint supplement  for dogs and cats providing targeted nutritional support to help protect joints from degeneration maintaining healthy joint function.  Unique hyaluronic acid based formula targeting joint fluid viscosity and health, and flexibility. Long term use helps joint health and function.

Each 3g dose contains:
Sodium hyaluronate (Hyaluronic acid) 15mg, Glucosamine hydrochloride (Shellfish) 600mg, Chondroitin sulfate (Bovine cartilage) 300mg, Green lipped mussel (NZ) 760mg (Contains Omega-3 fatty acids 30%)

Other ingredients: Oat flour, Chia seed & Natural vitamin E


One serve daily sprinkled on or mixed in food. Use the chart below for initial and maintenance doses, or as directed by your veterinarian.

< 5 kg 0.5 scoop 0.5 scoop
5-10 kg 1 scoop 0.5 scoop
11-25 kg 2 scoops 1 scoop
> 25 kg 3 scoops 2 scoops

*A dosing scoop is included in the container. 1 level scoop = Approx. 3g.

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