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Tukkathyme Original Formula

Tukkathyme Original Formula

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Herbal Muesli supplement for dogs

Tukkathyme is a blend of nature, combining a mix of vegetables and herbs (dehydrated to retain goodness) Flaked Oats (slow release carbohydrate for energy), kelp, linseed (stone ground) extruded Barley (easily digested) coconut and garlic flakes. For more details on the the ingredients and their function refer to the what is Tukkathyme page on this website.

Tukkathyme is not a complete food but provides the missing ingredients in a balanced raw food diet. Can be fed in conjunction with a high quality premium commercial dry food.


Flaked Oats, Extruded Barley, Maize & Rice, Flaked Corn, Flaked Rice, Ground Linseed, Dried Fruits, Dehydrated Vegetables, Herbs, Garlic Flakes, Kelp, Coconut.

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