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Protective Pants for Dogs in Season

Protective Pants for Dogs in Season

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These extra comfortable protective pants let you keep your in-season dog near you without worrying about the mess.  They provide a great fit due to an elasticated, fully adjustable belt and are available in 6 sizes and have replaceable pads. 

Includes 3 spare pads

Available Sizes: 

  • XS - Suitable for waist: 20 - 25cm (Chihuahua)
  • S - Suitable for waist: 24 - 31cm (Jack Russell, Poodle)
  • S/M - Suitable for waist: 32 - 49cm (West Highland, Spaniel)
  • M - Suitable for waist: 40 - 49cm (Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Collie)
  • L - Suitable for waist: 50 - 59cm (Labrador, Boxer, Retriever)
  • XL - Suitable for waist: 60 - 70cm (Rottweiler


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