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Gourmate Shine Marine Collagen

Gourmate Shine Marine Collagen

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Elevate your pup's collagen intake daily with Gourmate's 100% Marine Collagen, sustainably sourced and produced in New Zealand. This natural powerhouse promotes healthy skin, coat and nails, while enhancing elasticity and aiding in healing. Ideal for furry friends with skin irritations, senior canines, or those seeking an extra dose of radiance.


A tasty and easy-to-give meal sprinkle with measuring spoon included.

  • 100% Marine Collagen peptide hydrolysed to encourage optimal absorption (just like the best human ones!)

  • Collagen is essential for maintaining healthy skin and nails and a shiny coat

  • Helps to support gut health, muscle repair, joints and immunity

  • All natural and suitable for long-term use

Ingredients: 100% Hydrolysed Marine Collagen Peptide 

Serving per day: 1 Scoop (700mg) sprinkled over food. Scoop included.

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Please consult your vet if your pet is on prescription medicine or with any queries.

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