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Addicition Viva La Venison for Small Dogs - 1.5kg

Addicition Viva La Venison for Small Dogs - 1.5kg

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Sensitive Care with a Gourmet Touch. Viva La Venison for Small Dogs offers a premium solution for small breed dogs with food sensitivities. This gourmet recipe features New Zealand venison, a delicious novel protein ideal for dogs allergic to chicken, beef, or lamb.

Gentle and Nutritious. Crafted specifically for small breeds, our small breed venison dog food is made with small bite-sized kibble perfect for tiny teeth. The inclusion of coconut oil in our formula supports easy digestion and helps maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat, helping reduce the possibility of itchy skin, hot spots and other allergy symptoms.

Rich in Superfoods. Viva La Venison for Small Dogs is enriched with a selection of superfoods. Cranberries and apples provide antioxidants, while blueberries, spinach, and kelp contribute essential nutrients, supporting overall health and vitality. Each ingredient is chosen for its benefits, making our food not just tasty but also incredibly healthful.

Ideal for Small Dog Breeds Prone to Food Sensitivities. Breeds like the Yorkshire Terrier, French Bulldog, Cocker Spaniel, and Maltese often struggle with food allergies and will benefit from a diet based on novel proteins and free from common allergens.

Why Choose Viva La Venison for Small Dogs? It is a premium sensitive dog food designed for discerning pet parents who seek a hypoallergenic dog food option. With zero chicken, wheat, corn, and soy, this sensitive care formula offers peace of mind and a hearty meal dogs will enjoy.

A Joyful Mealtime Awaits. Enjoy seeing your small dog relish every meal without the discomfort of sensitive reactions. Viva La Venison for Small Dogs not only satisfies your dog’s taste buds but also nourishes their body, ensuring each meal is a step towards a happier, healthier life.

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