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K9 Sausages

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Purely Pets K9 Sausages are a blend of 100% New Zealand chicken and mutton, specially-formulated Tukkathyme and offal (heart, liver, kidney and green unbleached tripe). This is a high-protein, high-energy diet packed full of nutrition.

Chicken and mutton contain high levels of essential fatty acids - these nourish the skin and coat.

Tukkathyme is a yummy herbal muesli that also adds fibre to the diet.

Our green unbleached tripe is what we call "Nature's wonder-food" - it is full of pure nutrients, enzymes, probiotics and also provides gastric juices for a digestive health boost.

These sausages contain minced bone which is a source of digestible calcium, glucosamine and chondroitin.

If you are trying raw food with your pets for the first time we would recommend our K9 Sausages as the perfect starter - they contain all the elements of a high-quality natural diet.

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